October 12 - Children's Day

Toys, toys and more toys. Often, say experts, in the eagerto buy the favorite gift, which over the wills and tastes of children, parents forget something that can not be bought, nor translated into numbers: presence. "We need to look at the amounts that credit card and money don't buy. Gifting is something very beautiful and everyone likes it, but it should not be a priority, much less offered as a replacement for affection and

What is prevention science?

Do you know what Prevention Science is? The partners of Freemind and ISSUP Brasil, Rodrigo Flaire – State Coordinator of Drug Policies of São Paulo – and Claudemir dos Santos – Technical Director of Prevention of COED-SP, in this video, explain and give examples of what is and how prevention science can be used to make decisions based on scientific evidence. Here's what they say: Science is a branch of knowledge of empirical* nature, logical

Some effective tactics for preventing drug use

National and international drug prevention networks, community leaders and strong community coalitions are the key to changing public attitudes and reducing the availability of illicit drugs worldwide. Some effective tactics include promoting drug demand reduction principles and raising awareness of the social consequences of drug abuse and addiction. Below you will learn about many other strategies that have been implemented and have successfully reduced drug use from a global perspective to the site. How can

Putting a touch of Eternity into our lives

Father Haroldo Rahm lived and died at the age of 100 opening doors or building bridges to save lives. He was freemind's great inspiration and spiritual mentor. He left a legacy of living and written works that made him immortal. In his book "Every Day - 365 - Drugs - Prevention - Solutions" tells us about putting a touch of eternity in our life. "There are moments, in the succession of hours and days, when

Parent participation and prevention at school

In another video of the channel Prevent Always, Rodrigo Flaire and Claudemir dos Santos end the series that deals with life skills, talking about the importance of parents' participation for prevention in school,about how parents can prevent risky behaviors by simply participating more actively in the school life of their children. But have you ever heard of Life Skills? Do you know how they can help us? The term "Skills for Life" has its origin

A mídia como instrumento de mobilização social para a prevenção

🎯Quer aprender mais sobre o uso da mídia para a prevenção do uso de drogas?

📍Na Formação continuada deste mês, a Terra da Sobriedade contará com a participação de Paulo Martelli, Coordenador do Movimento FREEMIND e Presidente da ISSUP Brasil.

🗣️Ele falará sobre "A mídia como instrumento de mobilização social para a prevenção"



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Drink in moderation. A non-preventive message

Drink in moderation. A healthy, well-meaning and responsible advice, transmitted by the alcoholic beverage industry in all its advertisements, aimed at preventing the problems of excessive alcohol consumption. Right? I'm not so sure. The first time I stopped to reflect on this was in my master's research in which most 15-year-old students agreed with the statement "it's okay for someone my age to drink as long as they know when to stop". I wondered where

Dealing with Feelings and Preventing Drug Use

*By Claudemir dos Santos and Rodrigo Flaire In another video of Prevent Always, Rodrigo Flaire – State Coordinator of Drug Policies of São Paulo – and Claudemir dos Santos – Technical Director of Prevention of COED-SP, talk about how to deal with our feelings and our emotions and how this is related to the theme of prevention of drug use. Knowing how to deal with emotions One of the main life skills, according to the

Alcohol and Immunity: Drinking can affect the body's defense

Abuse of alcoholic beverages can weaken the immune system and leave the body more exposed to diseases. Staying healthy and adopting habits that strengthen immunity are recommendations of health professionals since the beginning of the pandemic of the new coronavirus - being important measures for the body to be better prepared if it comes into contact with the virus. In this context, alcohol abuse becomes a relevant point of attention. According to several studies, excessive

Students with disabilities and the Pandemic

Students with disabilities, almost forgotten in times of pandemic, need to be included in order to guarantee their right to education. The pandemic collapsed our routine daily life and opened up the inequality that exists in society, and, consequently, of the educational system. The inequality of access to information and technology, as well as that of opportunities were presented in the educational agenda. All who have a connection with education were affected - teachers, students