Retrospectiva 2020 - Ações do Governo Federal do Brasil na redução de demanda de drogas no país

O ano de 2020 trouxe uma série de desafios para execução de políticas públicas, em decorrência da pandemia pelo coronavírus.

Assim, com o objetivo de reduzir os impactos negativos da pandemia sobre as ações que o Governo Federal realiza para a redução de demanda de drogas no país (Prevenção ao uso de drogas e Recuperação de dependentes químicos), a Secretaria Nacional de Cuidados e Prevenção às Drogas (SENAPRED) do Ministério da Cidadania realizou uma série de ações neste último ano.

Equipe Freemind e ISSUP Brasil organiza cartilha sobre Prevenção ao uso de Drogas

Para o Freemind, Mobilização significa um Movimento com ação, ou seja, não adianta ficarmos cobrando uma solução sem colocarmos a “mão na massa” e nos envolvermos diretamente na solução dos problemas das drogas no Brasil. Nossa missão é ajudar as pessoas a ajudarem mais pessoas, para que muitos mais tenham um futuro melhor e as crianças e jovens possam ser protegidas dos riscos atuais para uma boa educação no futuro.

Physicians who are dedicated to the prevention and treatment of the use of SPA

The misuse of licit and illicit drugs is a serious public health problem that affects all countries in the world in a worrying way. It is estimated that between 2005 and 2006, approximately 200 million individuals have consumed illicit drugs, corresponding to almost 5% of the world population in the age group between 15 and 64 years. In this scenario, the most consumed drugs are: marijuana, amphetamines, opiates and cocaine. In relation to licit substances

Do friends involved in drugs influence our children?

Are you "Maria goes with the others"? My grandmother used to say, "Who mixes with pigs, bran eats." And we have the translation of Psalm I that says, "Tell me who you're hanging out with and I'll tell you who you are." Rodrigo Flaire and Claudemir dos Santos, in this video, want to talk about it! A scientific research, with methodology on "The influence of friends on drug use among adolescents" was developed by 2

Teachers who make a difference

Everyone remembers a teacher who marked his own life. What made it unforgettable? Why was it etched in the memory? I imagine the biggest reward a teacher can get is finding a former student after many years and hearing something like, "wow, you've made a difference in my life." After all, isn't it the teacher's goal to make a difference to his students? The contents given, for the most part, will be forgotten and perhaps

October 12 - Children's Day

Toys, toys and more toys. Often, say experts, in the eagerto buy the favorite gift, which over the wills and tastes of children, parents forget something that can not be bought, nor translated into numbers: presence. "We need to look at the amounts that credit card and money don't buy. Gifting is something very beautiful and everyone likes it, but it should not be a priority, much less offered as a replacement for affection and

What is prevention science?

Do you know what Prevention Science is? The partners of Freemind and ISSUP Brasil, Rodrigo Flaire – State Coordinator of Drug Policies of São Paulo – and Claudemir dos Santos – Technical Director of Prevention of COED-SP, in this video, explain and give examples of what is and how prevention science can be used to make decisions based on scientific evidence. Here's what they say: Science is a branch of knowledge of empirical* nature, logical

Some effective tactics for preventing drug use

National and international drug prevention networks, community leaders and strong community coalitions are the key to changing public attitudes and reducing the availability of illicit drugs worldwide. Some effective tactics include promoting drug demand reduction principles and raising awareness of the social consequences of drug abuse and addiction. Below you will learn about many other strategies that have been implemented and have successfully reduced drug use from a global perspective to the site. How can

Putting a touch of Eternity into our lives

Father Haroldo Rahm lived and died at the age of 100 opening doors or building bridges to save lives. He was freemind's great inspiration and spiritual mentor. He left a legacy of living and written works that made him immortal. In his book "Every Day - 365 - Drugs - Prevention - Solutions" tells us about putting a touch of eternity in our life. "There are moments, in the succession of hours and days, when