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Working with the whole person: Alcohol, mental health and complex needs

Shared by jhoni suryaldi - 30 September 2020
Originally posted by Edie - 15 September 2020
Event Date

Alcohol Change UK's first online interactive conference

Who is this conference for?

If you’re passionate about harm reduction, this event is for you. If you want to get alongside people as they overcome the obstacles in their past and present, and move on to a more fulfilling future, we can help you along that path. Whether you’re a researcher, practitioner, commissioner, clinician, or emergency service worker, you’ll get new insights, hear about the latest research, and make new connections at our 2020 conference.

How will the conference be held?

The conference will be held online over two half-days, with an option to attend on either day or both. During the event, there will plenty of opportunities to put questions to the speakers and to join online break-out sessions with smaller groups of other delegates.

What is this conference about?

Alcohol misuse is often just one symptom of the complex challenges someone faces in their life. Drinking may be a means to cope with underlying trauma or ongoing mental distress. It may bring its own problems with it, such as low mood and impaired cognition.

Such complex needs don’t lend themselves to simple solutions. That’s why we’re gathering together a multidisciplinary slate of academics, practitioners, and people with lived experience, to help us all work towards interventions that support the whole person.

jhoni suryaldi

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