50 Años de Atención de las Adicciones

Mexico City,

This year Centers for Youth Integration, AC (CIJ) celebrates 50 years of uninterrupted work in prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, research and addiction training. 

That is why the 20th International Congress on Addictions will commemorate these 50 years of attention to drug use. 

In this academic event, the most recent research in the field will be reviewed, to analyze and link all groups and sectors at national and international level towards a better understanding of what addictions mean their implications and complexity. The aim of the event if to grant timely attention based on scientific evidence, respecting human rights and contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of people who use drugs, their families and the social fabric in general.


National Drug Addiction Prevention Strategy 
Public Drug Policies 
Models Prevention Models 
Dual Pathology and Comorbidity 
University Networks for the Prevention of 
New Addictions Psychoactive Substances 
Damage Reduction