Ministério da Cidadania

OAS-CICAD and SENAPRED conclude International Cooperation Agreement

Last year, the Federal Government published the Decree establishing the New National Drug Policy, which seeks to provide more effectiveness in coping with drugs, in the prevention of the use of these substances and in the recovery of drug addicts. The actions carried out by the Federal Government, based on the guidelines of the New National Drug Policy, have been based on scientific evidence, focusing on best practices. In this scenario, then, the Federal Government

ISSUP Brasil participa da 22ª Semana Nacional de Políticas Sobre Drogas – De 22 a 26 de junho

Com o tema "Unidos Pela Vida", evento vai discutir ações sobre prevenção e o combate às drogas no país e a Associação ISSUP Brasil, na pessoa de seu presidente Paulo Martelli, participará da Mesa Virtual prevista para o dia 26 de junho de 2020, das 14h00 às 17h00, para reflexões e debates sobre “Políticas de Drogas no Brasil e a Articulação Internacional”.

22nd National Week of Drug Policy - June 22-26

With the theme "United for Life", event will discuss actions on prevention and combating drugs in the country The 22nd National Week of Drug Policies will be held by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, in partnership with the Ministry of Citizenship, between 22 and 26 June. With the theme Unidos Pela Vida, the event is aimed at the treatment of drug addicts and the repression of the supply of narcotics in the country

Coronavirus - Therapeutic Community Guidelines Booklet

By Decree No. 10,282 of March 2, 2020, in articles I and II of Art. 3, the activities and services performed by the Therapeutic Communities are considered essential and, therefore, it is important to guide coronavirus prevention and clarify how chemical dependents should be welcomed in these institutions. Thinking about it, the National Secretariat for Drug Care and Prevention - SENAPRED, in partnership with the Ministry of Citizenship, published a guidebook directed to the work

Read and sign the Open Letter of the "Permanent Forum for Drug Mobilization"

The Permanent Forum for Drug Mobilization was launched by the Ministry of Citizenship on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, in Brasilia and called for entities and society to participate in the work of prevention and combating drugs. In addition to the federal government's commitment to investing in effective public policies in defense and assistance to drug addicts and family members, the mobilization warned of the harms of the use of narcotics. The proposal also wants to

Freemind e ISSUP Brasil participam do Lançamento do Fórum Permanente de Mobilização contra as Drogas

A Mobilização Freemind e o Capítulo Nacional da ISSUP no Brasil estarão presentes hoje, 12/02/2020, em Brasília para o lançamento do Fórum Permanente de Mobilização Contra as Drogas.

Esta é uma iniciativa promovida pelo Ministério da Cidadania que visa somar esforços para o enfrentamento e prevenção ao uso de drogas e conscientizar a sociedade quanto aos problemas decorrentes do uso de psicoativos. O evento será realizado na Associação Médica de Brasília (AMBr), a partir das 14 horas.

Technical Cooperation Agreement Signed between Ministry of Citizenship and ISSUP Brazil Association

Speaking at the Opening Ceremony of the 6th Freemind International Congress, Dr. Quirino Cordeiro Junior - National Secretary for Drug Care and Prevention - announced that a TECHNICAL COOPERATION AGREEMENT had been signed between ISSUP Brasil and the Union, through the Ministry of Citizenship and through the National Secretariat for Drug Care and Prevention - SENAPRED / MC.

Assinado Acordo de Cooperação Técnica entre Ministério da Cidadania e a Associação ISSUP Brasil

Em sua fala durante a Cerimônia de Abertura do 6º Congresso Internacional Freemind, Dr. Quirino Cordeiro Junior – Secretário Nacional de Cuidados e Prevenção às Drogas – anuncia que foi assinado um TERMO DE COOPERAÇÃO TÉCNICA entre a Associação ISSUP Brasil – Sociedade Internacional de Voluntários e Profissionais de Prevenção e Tratamento do Uso de Substâncias – e a União, através do Ministério da Cidadania e por meio da Secretaria Nacional de Cuidados e Prevenção às Drogas – SENAPRED/MC.