UTC 1 and 2 Training in Baguio

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Interested in becoming a credentialed drug demand reduction professional? 

Here is an opportunity to be trained in the entry level courses of the Universal Treatment Curriculum training series at 5000 feet above sea level in the mountain resort city of Baguio, Philippines 


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More Premier Philippine Cities Join the UTC Bandwagon

Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Program education provider and ISSUP Pioneer member, Serenity in the Steps, hosted a 6 day Universal Treatment Curriculum training for three major  Philippine City Anti-drug abuse councils from  October 7-12, 2019.

Find out more about the training event here.

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The Criminal Justice System UTC Training Series

There have been extensive training sessions in the Philippines on The Criminal Justice System UTC.

The training encourages a whole government evidence-based approach and is courtesy of INL Manila - US Embassy.

More Philippine Cities Join the UTC Bandwagon

Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Program Education Provider and ISSUP pioneer member, Serenity in the Steps, hosted a 6 day Universal Treatment Curriculum training for three major Philippine City Anti-Drug Abuse Councils from October 7-12, 2019. Makati city, Cebu city, and the Municipality of Agoo stakeholders participated in two of the first of a series of UTC trainings that would equip their respective community based recovery programs with evidence based tools.

The UTC 1 (Pharmacology and Physiology for Addiction Professionals) and UTC 2 (Continuum of Care for Addiction Professionals) trainings took place in the mountain resort area of the country, Baguio City. It was organized and hosted by Serenity in the Steps, an addiction recovery and counseling service. Facilitators were Colombo Plan Master trainers Junjun Abella RGC, RC , ICAP III, Veronica Felipe RPSY ICAP I and co facilitated by internationally certified addiction professionals Sarah Araullo RC ICAP II, and Keith Errol Navarroza RC ICAP I.

Utc training in Baguio Philippines

ISSUP Philippines Participates in Global ISSUP Conference in Vienna

ISSUP Philippines was well represented at the last global ISSUP Conference 'International Conference on Drug Prevention and Care: Inspiration and Direction' held last July 1– 5, 2019 at the Vienna International Centre (VIC). Through funding from the US Embassy Manila representatives from various government agencies including the Dangerous Drugs Board, Philippine National Police, Department of Interior and Local Government, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, Department of Health, and civic societies such as CADCA participated in the 5-day conference.

ISSUP Philippines Board members, Junjun Abella of Serenity in the Steps, Ma. Veronica Felipe of Colombo Plan's Drug Advisory Programme and Teresita Castillo of Seagulls Flight Foundation, Inc. participated in the conference. Junjun and Teresita also attended the ISSUP National Chapter Meetings.  

The global ISSUP conference served as the platform for a robust discussion of supply and drug demand reduction in the Philippine settings. 

Philippines Journal of Psychology

It is with pride that the very first special issue of the Philippines Journal of Psychology of the Philippine Psychological Association included our very own Global Drug Demand Reduction ( DDR ) Trainer, THERESE C. CASTILLO of Seagulls Flight.

The Philippine Journal of Psychology Special Issue on Drug Use and Recovery is now available online! Access it here and click on: https://www.pap.org.ph/philippine-journal-psychology-pjp

Volume 52 No. 1 June 2019


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