ISSUP National Chapters Meeting in Latin America during the 6th Freemind International Congress

The 6th Freemind International Congress provided its participants with much information of important and relevant content, based on scientific evidence. There were 40 national speakers and 10 international speakers, 20 hours of international training, 30 hours of lectures, 25 hours of thematic panels and 12 hours of playful activities.

In addition, the Freemind Congress hosted important meetings, such as the Latin American National Chapters Meeting. This meeting was led by the National Chapter of Brazil at ISSUP, through its General Coordinator - Paulo Martelli.

Looking Back: A retirement interview with Jeff Lee

Opinion piece, commentary
Jeff Lee is well known in the field of drug demand reduction and is a founding figure in the creation of ISSUP. For over four decades, Jeff has played a major role in drug prevention and has undertaken and managed projects in more than 80 countries around the world. Jeff finally retired in March from his role as a Senior Consultant for ISSUP. In a quick chat with Jeff, he offers us a glimpse into his successful career, lessons learned, upcoming adventures and hopes for the future.
ISSUP founder and Senior Consultant Jeff lee speaking at the United Nations in Vienna

ISSUP National Chapters Meeting

The meeting was chaired by ISSUP Global leaders: Joanna Travis, executive director, and Livia Edegger, deputy director, as well as the regional coordinators Bárbara Correa, Radolf Nortey, Kirsty Fitzpatrick and Olha Myshakivska...
Reunion of the ISSUP National Chapters leaders

ICJ Informs 98

The most recent issue of CIJ Informa Magazine, a quarterly publication of Youth Integration Centers (CIJ), host institution of the ISSUP Mexico Chapter, is now available. In addition to a variety of topics on CIJ's work in Mexico, the...

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